Personalized newsletter.
From your bookmarks!

Once a week receive an email newsletter built from five random links you saved earlier. Forget about the bookmarks in your browser.

Watch the explainer video
That’s exactly what I was looking for! Simple yet powerful tool!
How it works

1. Save links for later

Everything you find on the web can be easily added to your Reading List

2. Receive a reminder
once a week

Random five links with „Not Read” status, from your list, will be sent to you in your very own, private weekly newsletter

3. Access and manage your list anytime, for free!

Mailist gives you full control of the content. Great option to save any article, video or a blogpost you find in the internet.

How it works

It's super easy to save links for later

Any links can be easily saved for later on your list

Articles, links to YT videos you want to watch, things you want to be reminded about

Try Mailist Chrome extension →or Firefox Add-on→

You will be reminded about your saved content every week.

Random Five links you haven't read yet will be sent to you in a single, neat email every Saturday.