Save links and read later. Mailist will remind you.

Mailist is a super simple tool allowing you to save content to read later. Once a week, Mailist will send you a smart newsletter built from your saved, unread links.

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Save or import bookmarks

If you want to save an article to read later you can easily do it with our simple web app. Another way is to use browser extension. With simple extensions, saving any link is just a matter of two clicks.

If you already have a good collection of saved articles in your “read later” bookmark folder, you can easily export and import the list into your Mailist account.


Weekly newsletter
of your bookmarks

The plan is simple – Grab a coffee and open your weekly newsletter. Every week, we will send you a list of random links from your unread list. You can pick any day during the week and the number of links you want to be included in every email.

Once the link is opened, we will mark it as “Read” on your list. Any link which has been already opened will not be included in your future emails. But you will still have it saved on your account, to access it in the future.


Manage your collection

We all know that bookmarks collection is a mixture of things you want to read later, useful tools or things you want to get back in the future – like an interesting website to get inspired. You are able to assign tags on the links and categorize them anyhow you want to. Then you can decide if your weekly newsletter should include all links from your list or only a specific group (like, for example, “Read Later”).


If you like
your weekly list, share it!

Every weekly email can be accessed in your browser. That means that if you like the list of random links generated, you are able to share it with your friends and community. It can become a great inspiration and a source of articles to read later for your friends.

LEss mess

Now we can automatically
detect inactive links

If you imported your browser bookmarks there is a chance you had collected some no longer available articles. Mailist will detect broken and inactive links so you can remove them or replace with new ones.

AI Driven summaries

Article Summarization

Our browser extension will let you summarize the articles you're browsing right there on the spot. Think of it as your personal pocket-sized assistant, helping you whittle down the articles into easy-to-digest summaries.

Not only can you summarize via extension, but we'll also be sending those summaries straight to your personalized newsletters.


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