Best Bookmark Manager Apps

Best Bookmark Manager Apps

Mailist Team
Marcin Michalak
April 4, 2020

Remember the last time you had a look at your browser bookmarks? When did the last time you bookmark some information? Were you able to find it easily later?

Choosing right bookmark manager app might be hard. Same as managing the bookmarks in a conventional way...

Many of you would perhaps say ‘No’ to this. Better still, bookmark managers are of great use and can save you from that backend hassle of searching your important saved information. Wondering how?

Actually, bookmarks manager apps let the user save as well as organize his preferred content so he could delve into it later.  

In fact, bookmark managers have an important role to play in our daily research and establishing a knowledge database. Not only are they time-saving but efficiency-increasing also. The best bookmark managers fulfill some really important tasks adding to their usefulness even more such as:

  • Exporting and importing the content
  • Sharing bookmarks on social media
  • Organizing bookmarks into relevant folders
  • Accessible on multiple devices, e.g., desktop, mobiles, tablets, etc.
  • Enable saving the content through browser extensions, URLs, etc.
  • Notes, tags and labels for organizing the content.

To facilitate you further in this regard, we’ve got some incredible bookmark manager apps or read later apps making your life a lot easier. In particular tech-savvy people and technology freaks are going to find the following bookmark manager apps helpful to behemoth scale.

So, let’s have a look at them here:


One of the most well-recognized read-it-later apps is Pocket, now known as Read It Later, established in 2007. Owing to its usefulness, over 10 million people make use of this app and that too for a good reason. What makes it a favourite app, especially for technology lovers, is its simplicity. Moreover, it integrates with over 300 apps with the inclusion of Flipboard and Twitter.

How Does Pocket Work?

This bookmark manager app syncs across each of your devices automatically. In addition to this, it allows you to email content to your queue. Best of all, it doesn't require you to have an internet connection to read the content.

Pocket supports desktop, ios and android with native apps

Pocket supports both the iOS and Android devices.

What About Its Price?

As far as the price of this incredible read it later the app is concerned, it comes with a free version. However, Pocket Premium users pay $4.99 on a monthly basis. Also, they get ad-free version service with a permanent library for saving everything they want.


Mailist is a read later chrome extension and webapp with smart reminder mechanism

Next on our list of top-ranked bookmark manager apps is Mailist. What’s more? Do you already have a noteworthy collection of saved articles in your “read later” bookmark folder? Mailist allows you to import and export that list into your Mailist account and that too in a simple way. These features, in particular, make Mailist a super user-friendly app.

Over and above that, you can also have this bookmark manager's chrome extension. The cherry on the top, you can import more than 100 bookmarks in a single upload within your free account. It's also worth mentioning that Mailist is a free bookmark manager.

How Does Mailist Work?

This amazing tool allows users to save content in a simple way of reading it later. Apart from that, users will receive a smart newsletter created from their saved, unread links once a week.

Bookmark manager overview in Mailist is clear and intuitive

Moreover, it provides its users with complete control of the content. Aside from that, it also detects broken and inactive links, so allow its user their removal or replacement with new ones.

What’s even better? Having a Mailist Pro account will enable the users to assign tags on the links as well as categorize them anyhow they want to.

What About Its Price?

The basic functionality comes of Mailist for free. However, to enjoy the broad-ranging services of Mailist Pro, you will need to subscribe.

If you are looking for an all-in-one bookmark manager app, you will find, your best partner.  

By using this top-notch bookmark manager app, users can save anything from any website into an easily organized collection. Additionally, allows access to all your bookmarks across every of your device as well as the main four browsers, which are as follows:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

It allows you to grab a picture, article, video, presentation, and so then categorize those selections with auto-suggested tags or file them into thematic collections.

How Does Work?

This app comes with a search feature for helping users to locate anything with ease. On top of that, users can share their bookmarks with a group or even the public. Furthermore, a blue cloud icon, which you will find in the taskbar of the browser extension, allows you to store bookmark extensions.

How does raindrop work?

What About Its Price?

The basic functionality of this all-in-one bookmark manager app is free. However, you can unlock all of its features by subscribing to Pro. Notably, the PRO user's bookmark cloud backup also get 1 GB of image storage.

Bookmark Ninja:

If you want to see quick and clear bookmarks, go for Bookmark Ninja. This is for the reason that this wonderful read it later app comes with a categorical, clean dashboard interface for its users.

Each category of this bookmark manager app comes with its collapsible tab. Within each category, the enlisting of bookmarks takes place alphabetically.

Such type of user-interface makes organizing bookmarks easy via dragging and dropping. Over and above this, it enables users to colour code their bookmarks also.

How Does Bookmark Ninja Work?

The browser extension of Bookmark Ninja makes saving bookmarks easy-breezy. Also, they sync across every of your device with the inclusion of smartphones and tablets.

What else? Bookmark Ninja supports every browser and allows importing bookmarks from other bookmark managers.

How does bookmark ninja work?

What About Its Price?

For 30 days, you will get a free trial. Afterward, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $1.99 to enjoy the services of this marvellous bookmark manager app.

Wrapping It Up:

At this juncture, our list of the best bookmark manager app has come to an end. Now, as you have got to know about the best bookmark manager apps, it’s the right time for hacking your productivity. So, delay no more ad get started right away.

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