5 best read-it-later apps. What makes them great in 2023?

5 best read-it-later apps. What makes them great in 2023?

Mailist Team
Marcin Michalak
April 4, 2023

We all have exciting blogs, magazines or Youtube channels we follow every day. What if you don't have time to read these now? How to save them effectively for later so you remember to read them later?

If you find an interesting article online, or your friend sends it to you, you most likely save it in your browsers bookmarks or note to add it to your reading queue. Then, when you have time to sit and read, you are ready to access the library of your saved bookmarks. It's crucial how the library looks; If the collection is clean and organized, your reading experience is much better.

We tested multiple top-rated read it later apps, and here are those we like the most!

If you are looking for a bookmarking app, which helps you store links or articles but doesn't allow to read articles within the app, take a look at our picks for Best Bookmark Manager Apps

What makes a great read it later app?

Great read it later, the app is not about just storing articles and other links. Great ones should allow you to access the content later easily and – in the best case – remind you about the items you saved. Moreover, these apps should:

  • Let you save or bookmark online articles with native or browser extensions
  • Let you import the content
  • Allow you to organize the content with folders, tags or categories
  • Be accessible on multiple devices
  • Remind you about not read content and encourage you to do so

When I was looking for the app for myself, I tested heavily at least ten most popular apps on the market. I've picked five, which seemed the most interesting for me.

5 best read-it-later apps

Let's have a look at them here:

Pocket for cross-platform storage

(iOS, Android)

One of the most well-recognized read-it-later apps is Pocket, now known as Read It Later, established in 2007. Owing to its usefulness, over 10 million people make use of this app and that too for a good reason. What makes it a favourite app, especially for technology lovers, is its simplicity. Moreover, it integrates with over 300 apps with the inclusion of Flipboard and Twitter.

How Does Pocket Work?

This bookmark manager app syncs across each of your devices automatically. In addition to this, it allows you to email content to your queue. Best of all, it doesn't require you to have an internet connection to read the content.

Pocket for simple read later storage

What About Its Price?

The basic version of this read it later app is free. Pocket Premium users pay $4.99 every month. Also, they get ad-free version service with a permanent library for saving everything they want.

Mailist for weekly newsletters of your bookmarks

This fantastic tool allows users to save content in a simple way of reading it later. Apart from that, users will receive a smart newsletter created from their saved, unread links once a week.

Mailist for weekly newsletters of your bookmarks

Moreover, it provides its users with complete control of the content. Aside from that, it also detects broken and inactive links, so allow its user their removal or replacement with new ones.

What's even better? Having a Mailist Pro account will enable the users to assign tags on the links as well as categorize them anyhow they want to. Also, it unlocks access to daily reminders, so you can send email reminders with the articles to read later any day you want.

What About Its Price?

The basic functionality comes of Mailist for free. However, to enjoy the broad-ranging services of Mailist Pro, you will need to subscribe.

EmailThis for using your inbox as your reading list

This simple app let's you fetch the article content removing the ads & distractions from the page and send you an email with just the text and images.

You can then open your inbox and the email and read the article whenever you want.

Adding an article is possible by using browser extension (Chrome or Firefox) or smart drag and drop bookmarklet which work out of the box on all browsers.

What About Its Price?

A non-premium user can only save 20 web pages per month and its free for him. Premium plan has no such restrictions and adds some additional features like adding notes to the bookmarks or saving PDF snapshots. for complex bookmarking

This app comes with a search feature for helping users to locate anything with ease. On top of that, users can share their bookmarks with a group or even the public. Furthermore, a blue cloud icon, which you will find in the taskbar of the browser extension, allows you to store bookmark extensions. for complex bookmarking

What About Its Price?

The basic functionality of this all-in-one bookmark manager app is free. However, you can unlock all of its features by subscribing to Pro. Notably, the PRO user's bookmark cloud backup also get 1 GB of image storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'read-it-later' app?

A 'read-it-later' app is a software application designed to save online content (like articles, blog posts, or videos) for later consumption. These apps allow you to store and manage content that you find interesting but don't have time to engage with immediately.

How do 'read-it-later' apps work?

'Read-it-later' apps work by allowing you to save content from across the web in one central location. You can typically save content to these apps by clicking a button in your browser or sharing the content directly from another app. The saved content is then available for you to read at your leisure, often even when you're offline.

Can I use these apps on all my devices?

Yes, most 'read-it-later' apps are available across multiple platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This allows you to save content on one device and read it later on another.

Do 'read-it-later' apps work offline?

Many 'read-it-later' apps allow you to access your saved content even when you're offline. They download and store the content when you're connected to the internet, so you can read it later without needing an active internet connection.

How can 'read-it-later' apps help me manage my reading habits?

'Read-it-later' apps help you manage your reading habits by providing a centralized place to save and organize content. They eliminate the need to remember where you saw an interesting article or to have multiple tabs open in your browser. Some apps also offer features like tags or folders to help you categorize your saved content, making it easier to find later.

Are 'read-it-later' apps free?

Many 'read-it-later' apps offer free versions that include basic features. However, they may also offer premium versions that include additional features, like unlimited storage, ad-free reading, and advanced organization tools. The specific features available can vary from app to app.

What are the main differences between the apps you've reviewed?

Each app we've reviewed offers unique features. For example, Pocket stands out with its user-friendly design, while Instapaper offers speed reading features. Mailist sends smart, weekly newsletters created from your unread links, EmailThis makes your inbox your reading list, and offers advanced bookmarking capabilities.

How do I decide which 'read-it-later' app is right for me?

The best 'read-it-later' app for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like the app's design, its available features, whether it's compatible with your devices, and whether it fits within your budget. You may also want to try out a few different apps to see which one you find most intuitive and enjoyable to use.


In conclusion, the landscape of 'read-it-later' apps in 2023 offers a multitude of options to suit varying needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize a sleek design, speed reading capabilities, innovative bookmarking, or personalized newsletters, there is an app out there for you. Pocket, Instapaper, Mailist, EmailThis, and each bring unique features to the table that redefine the way we consume and manage digital content.

Pocket stands out with its user-friendly design and cross-platform storage, while Instapaper shines with its speed reading feature. Mailist offers smart, weekly newsletters created from your unread links, adding a personal touch to your reading experience. EmailThis makes your inbox your reading list by removing distractions from the page and sending you clean, ready-to-read articles. And last but not least, offers advanced bookmarking capabilities for those who desire a more complex system.

As digital content continues to grow, these 'read-it-later' apps provide a valuable tool for managing your reading interests. We encourage you to explore these apps further and find the one that best fits your reading habits and lifestyle. Remember, the goal is to enhance your reading experience, making it more enjoyable and less cluttered. Happy reading!

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